Terms and Conditions for Service Users

By accepting the terms and conditions as a service user you agree that:

Eccleshall Cares is, for the time being, a completely non-contact initiative. Volunteers must never enter the houses of the service users, nor expect them to open the door. Service users must not invite volunteers into their homes, nor should they feel the need to open their doors, even if it feels rude. Service users must never leave, offer or exchange cash with volunteers, or engage in any financial transactions at all. The volunteer will ring the door bell, or knock on the door, which should not be opened, but just to let the service user know that they have arrived with their items, which will then be left in the agreed location. The service user can then retrieve the goods as soon as possible, so as to avoid the risk of theft or weather damage.

The service users understand that our volunteers are not professionals and are not trained in any way, but are entirely representing themselves as individuals and members of the community. Volunteers should not be asked to give advice of any nature. Please be aware that Eccleshall Cares is acting only as a directory, and a distributor of names and allocator of jobs, and we are therefore unable to personally vouch for any individual volunteer. With this in mind, we would ask all our service users to be duly diligent when dealing with members of the public you do not know. If a service user has any concerns, they should report this immediately to 07599 683113

Eccleshall Cares Transport Policy

At the heart of our transport policy is a commitment to adhere to Government Guidelines. There are several key areas which require a particular mention, and which volunteers and service users must understand and adhere to.

If you have a medical appointment and require assistance to and from the vehicle, or have any other medical needs during the journey, Eccleshall Cares CANNOT offer transport. Please cal E-Zec medical, a free hospital transport service who work with the NHS, on 0300 777 2222.

Service-users and volunteers must understand that sharing transport comes with risks associated with Covid-19, as well as the usual risks associated with road travel. Both parties must do their very best to adhere to Government Guidelines at all times.

Both service-users and volunteers must wear masks at all times when Covid-19 is present in the UK.

Only the driver and the passenger will be present in the vehicle. The passenger must sit behind the front passenger seat, in the rear of the vehicle.

Try to:

  • open windows for ventilation

  • clean your car between journeys using standard cleaning products - make sure you clean door handles and other areas that people may touch in advance of collecting a service-user.

On your journey

At present we are unable to offer physical or medical assistance of any kind during journeys. Volunteers must not physically assist service-users to or from their vehicles.

Expect more pedestrians and cyclists, especially at peak times of day. Where possible, allow other road users to maintain social distancing. For example, give cyclists space at traffic lights.

Limit the time you spend at garages, petrol stations and motorway services. Try to keep your distance from other people and if possible pay by contactless.

Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise your hands often, and always when exiting or re-entering your vehicle.

Completing your journey

When finishing your journey wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise your hands as soon as possible. Sanitise any areas and surfaces which the service-user has come into contact with.

We believe that our volunteers are acting in your best interests, and risks are minimised by removing any financial transactions between volunteers and service-users, as well as personal contact, entrance to your home etc. but please be aware that our support network is made up of private community members. Any kind of inapropriate behaviour should be reported to 07599 683113 .

Eccleshall Cares is not a medical support network in any way, and is not equipped to deal with medical issues. Please do not ask our team for medical guidance or support, instead refer to official guidelines found here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Service users must not place new requests for assistance with our volunteers directly, but submit a new form for each request, however trivial. This may seem inconvenient, but it will guarantee a fair share of the workload amongst our volunteers as well as enabling us to keep abreast of your needs, and keep our community safer.

Volunteers and service users must never engage in any financial transactions or arrangements with each other. If you are unable to use internet banking, please ask a friend or family member to pay any receipts for you. Alternatively you can make payment using a debit card on 07599 683113. If that is not possible, Eccleshall Cares will reimburse volunteers within 48hrs from our funding. Simply hold on to your receipts and settle-up once the lockdown is over.

Service users should not add anything to the original request when communicating with a volunteer. Volunteers will only be reimbursed for items appearing on receipts which were on the original request. If you need to make an addition to your request, please submit a fresh request.

Many of our volunteers are working people, and are likely to be under some stress and pressure themselves. Please always treat our volunteers with courtesy and respect. Many of our volunteers will have work and family obligations, although we will all do what we can to assist you when you need it.