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It is with a mixture of sadness and smiles that the Eccleshall Cares committee have decided that it is time for Eccleshall Cares to wind-down in it's current form from the 1st of October.

Over the last 18 months local volunteers have done over 1,500 jobs to support local vulnerable people during the challenges of the pandemic. We want to thank everybody for the amazing support you've offered, it has been truly wonderful to see how a community can come together when the going gets tough.

Here's how we reached this conclusion: Reviewing the jobs we have done over the past couple of months indicate that:-

Volunteers: Most volunteers are now back at work, and we sometimes struggle to find people to carry out requests. We have never turned anyone away, but it's clear that life is returning to normal for the time being.

Shopping - We are no longer required. We are regularly supporting 2 people only, and mostly for non-essentials to the tune of about £35/week. It would be far simpler for these few to rely on friends and family to do a bit of shopping or an online shop. At the beginning, we all remember this just wasn't possible, online shopping slots were booked, vulnerable people were stuck indoors, so there has been an awesome period of time when we were effective and hugely helpful, and that time has passed.

Prescriptions - We are averaging about 4 requests per week, for a service which is provided for free by numerous pharmacies such as Lloyds and Boots. As an emergency response to a crisis situation we were necessary and effective, but under the current circumstances our system is surplus to requirements. We have had one or two people using the service for convenience, as our poor volunteer arrives with the prescription to find people just on their way out shopping!

I think this time has shown everybody in town how lovely it is to pull together as a community and look out for each other, and it has been one of my own life's great pleasures to be a part of it. Eccleshall is such a great place to live. Thank you again to everybody who has been involved.

Joe Cheetham-Wilkinson, Chair, Eccleshall Cares.


HELPLINE: 07534 914629

Eccleshall Cares Community Support Initiative

Eccleshall Cares is a network of local volunteers willing to give their time for free to offer support and assistance to members of Eccleshall Parish. If you need assistance with your weekly shop, prescriptions or anything else, please fill out the form on the 'Request Assistance' tab above. If you would like to join in as one of our wonderful volunteers, please navigate to the 'Become a Volunteer' tab. If you are struggling financially please go to the 'Food Bank' tab.

We have a wonderful team of local volunteers from in and around Eccleshall who are keen to offer a helping hand to those who may be struggling to get out and about, or are staying inside for the safety of themselves and the wider community due to Coronavirus.

We have relationships with all the local shops, the Crown Surgery and the Pharmacy, so we are able to support you with essential needs and jobs you may be having difficulty undertaking yourself.


You can place an order any time of day or night, but they will be processed and sent to volunteers between 9am and Midday on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can place an order by clicking HERE.

If you would like to support our work you can make a donation by direct transfer to the Eccleshall Cares Metro Bank account using the payment reference 'Donation'. Thank you very much for your support! Bank Transfer – Sort Code: 23-05-80 Account number: 37915548

Please note that Eccleshall Cares is a completely free service and no donation is expected or required of our service-users.